Tracy Thompson, Spirit Song Church Member

From our very first visit to Spirit Song, I knew this was the community for us.  Why? Because Spirit Song is just that – a community. It’s a place filled with a variety of personalities and different spiritual visions, yet everyone is welcoming and truly interested in your well being. I have never made so many friends so quickly. I had been looking for a spiritual community in which I fit in for close to 20 years. It has been a 20 year spiritual quest with many lapses. I thought I would never find a place where my questions where not only listen to, but encouraged, and where no one pretends to have all of the answers. When I walk out of Sunday Service I feel re-energized.  In and out of church, I look forward to spending time with all of my friends from Spirit Song.  My initial feelings about Spirit Song were reinforced after our second visit when my son age 5 looked at me and asked “When are we going back to that place where we are loved and accepted and our hurts are healed?” If you are looking for an accepting, supportive, and open community than Spirit Song will be a perfect fit for you and your family.