Linda Benda, Spirit Song Worshiper

I’m a home girl. Even though it’s in cold WI–it’s been home all my life. Same with church; born and raised Lutheran. I love my church back in WI: It’s Mission Statement, the Pastor, fellow members, it’s worship services and Bible studies.

This past winter brought Mike and I to Vistancia. We bought a home here and have become snowbirds. Back in January, I realized that I needed to make some friends so I wouldn’t get too homesick. I went to a Thursday morning women’s Bible study at Vistancia, and met Pastor Valerie and a great group of other ladies who were very friendly and easy to talk to!

That next Sunday, Mike and I attended Spirit Song’s worship service. Again, we received an outpouring of warm welcomes!

Believe me, I listened carefully to Pastor Valerie’s sermon, and took note of the whole worship service. I wasn’t going to “buy” into anything unless I was sure I was hearing God’s true and spoken Word of salvation through Christ.

From the first worship service and Bible study visit in January to now, I have been reassured by my Lord that I am hearing His Word. I knew for sure on Easter morning when Pastor Valerie said, “He is Risen”.

Not only am I hearing it, but it has more meaning to me than ever. I feel like I’ve been on a renewal retreat this winter. Getting away from my familiar surroundings, and same routines has helped me see that God is truly everywhere!

God willing, Mike and I will return next January. Thank you Arizona for the sunshine. Thank you Spirit Song for the Son-shine!